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Versatile food creative, consultant and stylist Becca Sulocki has more than 20 years of experience making delicious food look as great as it tastes. She knows every trick in the book for bringing out the maximum appeal in a dish. Becca’s talent, creativity, professionalism, attention to detail and warm personality are all character traits that helped shape her stellar career.

With her analytical mind, Becca is not only quick in grasping the core concept behind a shot but she also knows exactly how to achieve it, no matter if it’s maximalist or minimalist, avant-garde or traditional, editorial or commercial.

Originally from the UK, Becca has worked with British greats Antonio Carluccio, Alastair Hendy and Jamie Oliver, for whom she is a long standing independent recipe tester. Her work has frequently been published in internationally renowned newspapers and magazines and she has also been instrumental in a string of successful campaigns for high profile clients.

Mathilda Emt

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