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Skarp Agent, Linda Lundgren, Västerbottenost, photo fabian Björnstjerna2.jpg


Linda Lundgren knows how to present a dish to its absolute visual advantage. How? It’s no secret. She simply makes sure to balance the various ingredients’ colors, textures, shapes, sizes and individual characteristics in a way that makes colors pop and stomachs growl. You could do it too - all it takes is massive food styling experience, years of training as a chef, a visionary mind, a natural born talent and humor.

To experience the full potential of Linda’s capabilities, you’d do well to involve her early on in the process as she has a gift for co-creating and building a brand’s creative expression in close, creative collaboration with the client. Her unique knack for capturing the essence of a brand in order to make it stand out visually tends to lead to long lasting relationships with her clients.

Torun Alenius

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