To be a successful food photographer with a chance to really stand out in social media feeds, you need to go beyond the visual qualities of a dish or drink. You must capture sensations that don’t usually transcend printed or digital matter. In short, you have to find a way to reflect temperatures, texture, scent, spiciness, sound and yes, taste.

Petter Bäcklund has an almost magical ability to do this. His extensive experience from working with and around food (and the people who make it) has given him a deep understanding of his subject matters. Study his crisp shot of a Negroni and admit just looking is enough to make you sense the faintly bitter scent of the orange rind decorating the drink.

Bäcklund’s perfect balance between light and dark, grit and elegance match the dualities and complexities of both people and dishes. His background as a photographer and UI/UX-designer makes him an ideal candidate when shooting for brand building activities, PR or social media campaigns.

Take a look at his portfolio here or follow his Instagram account to see exactly what we mean.

Torun Alenius