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If you're looking for a photographer who excels at visual storytelling, who can create technically impeccable images characterized by authenticity, liveliness and presence, P-A is your man. He's an artist who will, quite simply, take you there.

Like every great artist, renowned photographer Per-Anders Jörgensen has a great eye for detail and composition. But Jörgensen also has a rare ability to create images that simply whisk you away. These things don't happen by chance. Instead, it's the result of years of experience combined with massive talent and Jörgensen's profound interest in people, places and food.

To get an understanding of P-As’ brilliance, why not browse through Fool – an award-winning, cutting edge magazine on modern gastronomy and food culture run by P-A and his wife Lotta Jorgensen.

P-A’s passion for food and the people making it has also resulted in several books. One prime example is Eating with the Chefs – a documentary project where P-A joined the staff meals at 18 top restaurants around the world. The book’s portraits, food pics and behind the scenes-shots showcases Jörgensen's strengths as a photographer working primarily with natural light.

Torun Alenius


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