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Skarp Production – We got you

You learn a thing or two in twenty years. Today we have been through almost every kind of situation and we have experienced more than most people do in a life time. That has given us all the expertise needed to land your production exactly the way you want it – on time and within budget. Whatever you need, just leave it to us and our committed team. We are all driven by the same intense passion for visual expressions, and that is what keeps us at the forefront of the industry. 

The services we provide include client and creative consultation, art buying, account / budget management, photo and film production – from pre production, locations, set design, styling, casting, props and logistics to post production, animation and all aspects of digital work.

Home of creative minds since 1999

Whenever a visual idea needs to be embodied SKARP has always been the natural choice to team up with. After twenty years we have grown to become number one in the industry of visual creative expressions – and the home to some of the most brilliant minds around. 

The photographers, set designers, stylists and creatives that we house have earned reputations within the fields of portraiture, lifestyle, food & beverage, fashion and art. 

As creative producers we are experts in artist management, art buying, creative direction, production and project management. Together with our artists we form a rock-solid team, always ready to work wonders.

20 years of trust

We would never have lasted this long if it was not for all the amazing people around us. From clients with their exciting projects to every talented artist that we have come to represent. Your trust is what keeps us motivated. Why we constantly look for things to improve. Why we always give that extra push. Now we are looking forward to the years ahead – and the incredible things we will fill them with.